How to - Make Mullein Torches

Mullein tapers, also known as witches torches/hag tapers to name a few have been around for thousands of years as candle torches.

Originally dipped in tallow and used at funeral processions in Ancient Rome. They have also been known as witches tapers and are often used as ritual tools for protection, purification of sacred spaces, connecting with ancestral spirits and during celebrations such as Samhain and the Solstice.

Burning Witches Tapers

As the Winter Solstice is upon us we thought it would be a great time to share how we make our own Mullein Tapers here on the blog. We also have a how to reel on our instagram account.

We respectfully harvested our mullein stalks at the end of summer when their beautiful yellow flowers had fallen and the seeds had started to spread. We encouraged more spreading of the seeds by shaking more of the loose seeds over the area for new growth.

We hung our stalks to dry for around a month before we used them, once dry we stored them in some acid free tissue paper until we were ready to make our torches.

Mullein Stalks Drying

dried mullein stalks

Now it is time to make we must melt the wax...Tip* It is good to repurpose wax from old candles and any drips or spillages from tapers...We used a mix of taper drips and some beeswax pillars we have recently finished.

re purpose old beeswax candles

Once the wax is melted down take off the heat, be sure to remove any residue like old wicks safely if using old candles.

Melted Beeswax

Make sure you cover the surface you are working on with grease proof paper.

Thoroughly cover the mullein heads in layers of the melted wax and allow a few minutes in-between coats for wax to dry. We would recommend around 5 layers of wax. Remove and re melt the wax drippings in-between coats to get the most out of what you have.

Mullein Torch Dripping

Once fully dry they are ready to use.

Hag torches ready to use

To light the torch pinch a small amount of wax off the end of the taper and hold a flame to it for a few seconds until it catches light. Only burn outside away from children, animals and anything that can easily catch fire.

Take care holding these torches as they will drip wax. The flame is bright and beautiful and best enjoyed by burning in a pot with sand/soil or staked into the ground. 

Mullein Taper Tutorial

Burn outside, be safe and enjoy!

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Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great Solstice and Yule. :D

Cat and Adrian.


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