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The ‘Old Ways Candle Company’ was born out of a love of beeswax and the age-old process of making candles the traditional way using metal moulds, hand-dripping and hand-dipping techniques.

I started making fragranced candles but felt an increasing dislike for the carbon footprint and environmental implications of the ingredients required so I decided to focus all my attention to learning traditional beeswax candle making. I’ve fallen in love with both the process and the material and feel a deep sense of satisfaction from this wonderful craft.

I remember hearing someone say ‘Beeswax is Nature’s Greatest Expression” and they were right. The bees use the wax to cap the honey so its a bi product of the hard working honey bee and now more than ever we need to support them.

We believe everyone in our modern society should burn candles in their homes as the light from a beeswax candle is so much better for your eyes and general well-being. The glow from a burning beeswax candle has the power to effect your mood and to inspire rest and relaxation.

Beeswax candles emit the same spectrum of golden light as the sun and help to clean the air of impurities like dust and dander so are the perfect choice for those that suffer with allergies. If that wasn’t enough they also leave a light honey scent whilst burning. Our hand dipped, dripped and hand poured beeswax candle range are a labour of love, inspired by the past and preserved for the present.

Our goal is to create beautiful artisan hand poured candles that invoke a relaxing and dramatic atmosphere.